Introduction to HSE

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Introduction to HSE

Stamina arranges introductions to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) for your companys Working Environment Committee members (Norwegian: AMU) with a basis in the Working Environment Acts requirements (Norwegian: Arbeidsmiljøloven). This states that training in the basic principles of systematic HSE work must be completed.

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Those who have roles and responsibilities for the health, safety and environment within the company will be able to identify, assess and take action in such a way as to ensure the health, safety and welfare are protected. Also, the HSE work must be carried out in a satisfactory manner using dialogue, employee participation and cooperation.

Who needs it?

Members of the Working Environment Committee, safety representatives, managers, HSE and HR personnel and employees charged with directing or supervising other employees.

Course content

The course offers an introduction to the Working Environment Act and its regulations, health, safety and environment work including the various factors present in the working environment.

Relevant educational topics

  • What is HSE?
  • The Working Environment Act and the regulation on systematic HSE work and internal notification procedures
  • Different roles and tasks needed to be performed in the working environment
  • Environmental work in practice
  • Ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Physical / chemical / biological working environment
  • Psychosocial and organisational working environment
  • Leave of absence and follow-up of sick leave
  • Why HSE work is economically feasible
  • Risk assessments
  • Drugs in the work place

Educational form

This basic course about the working environment utilises several different educational techniques.

  1. Group Learning

    One specific educational form of this open course is group learning, which is carried out over two days. The group itself is a great resource due to all the experience that is gathered in one place. We encourage discussions and group work with emphasis on learning by experience, group participation, practical group assignments and reflections on the various topics, all arranged by the course administrator.

    Duration: 2 days, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

    This part of the course is mandatory for everyone.

  2. E-learning

    Further study of the following relevant topics:

    -Laws, regulations and roles
    -Systematic HSE work
    -Psychosocial and organisational working environment
    -Physical working environment
    -Chemical and biological working environment
    -Ergonomics in the work place

    This part is mandatory for participants that require 40 hours of training.

    Also available to participants with an agreement to undergo training of a shorter duration.

    (Regulation on Safety representatives and Working Environment Committees, section 3-19: The duration of training shall be at least 40 hours. However, it may be agreed that training less than 40 hours is acceptable, if the involved parties reach the conclusion that it is justifiable due to an assessment of their specific working environment problem areas and scope.)


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